Monday, 8 August 2011

My experiences as a Librarian so far...or how I will carefully try to avoid revealing my age!

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I remember thinking about librarianship and discounting it as too boring (sorry! this was totally down to my misconceptions!!) when I was in the sixth form at school.  

I guess I had some other more pressing experiences that I needed to pursue before finding my way to a Library Assistants' role at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, post motherhood and post an incredibly stimulating and empowering Masters in Education.

The study and research that I did for this, along with being the mother of a son with a physical disability, meant that I was passionate about education and choices and chances in education and how these impact on lives according to gender and difference.  Needless to say I have always love reading and storytelling and also the physicality of books (I was an offset litho printer for some time which I loved) But  I'm also fervent about the mind expanding, life enhancing power of knowledge and about allowing equal and open access to information.

Skip forward to today and I find myself four years into my post as Librarian at an Independent school, still learning and progressing and evolving as an informational professional.

My training started with funding for the City and Guilds Library and Information Services Award, I wanted to make sure that this was the way forward for me, and went on to a self-funded Post-Graduate Diploma by distance learning.

I didn't choose librarianship as a career straight out of University so I don't have the luxury of such a long career in one profession.  On the other hand I know that the experience acquired pre-librarianship has given me a unique set of skills and competencies and that the possibilities for the future are exciting.

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