Monday, 8 August 2011

Evernote - how I learned to stop worrying about remembering and love the elephant

Elephant Skin by Meredith G.

Thanks to 23Things I now LOVE Evernote.

I signed up for Evernote in October 2010 but, as with many tools, got little further than the sign up!

Then came Thing 9 and guess what... I 've been using it non stop since I took the time to actually realise what a great tool this is for efficiency and organisation.   I can see that home and work are, thanks to Evernote, becoming increasingly paperless and increasingly less cluttered!

This has got me thinking, in a wider way, about the adoption of new tools and technologies.

 I guess for something to stick there has to be a tangible advantage to using the new thing in my life, in whatever capacity.  The thing  also has to be easy to learn how to use and preferably free.   Seeing examples of good practice and ways that others are using it also helps me to make the connection between the thing and my life.   But also just having timely reminders about the thing helps me make the time to give it a go.  If habits take 28 days to  become fully incorporated into our lives then I have a couple of weeks to go with Evernote.  

Transferring what I have learnt personally about this experience to the work setting will help me in the way that I suggest new tools to teachers.

 I think it is fair to say that, for whatever reasons, the school where I work is fairly slow to adopt new technologies.  

This learning experience, and the quality of the tool for transforming working efficiency, has given me some ideas and enthusiasm for spreading the word.

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